Try Trendspeks new discussion feature for your digital twin

Trendspek Introduces Discussions

Leverage Trendspek’s new Discussions suite across drone-data driven Digital Twins for vastly improved collaboration on built assets and infrastructure management Trendspek – the world leading drone data visualisation platform for built assets and infrastructure – today unveils Discussions for real-time communication and true online collaboration. The foundation for managing any built asset is quality information …
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New feature release: Manager Dashboard (permissions)

Trendspek allows you to see, inspect and collaborate. Today we’re proud to announce a new suite of features that will let your team collaborate more effectively and more securely. Not only will you have full visibility over your assets--you can manage all your users within Trendspek, having access to a market-leading level of security. Control …
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Why your data is safe with Trendspek

At Trendspek, we know that our clients’ data is their number one asset. That’s why we do everything in our power to keep that data safe. Trendspek has ISO accreditation for Quality (ISO9001) and Information Security (ISO27001) In June 2020, Trendspek received ISO27001:2013 and ISO9001:2015 accreditation, making it one of the only providers of digital …
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MEDIA RELEASE of Trendspek ISO 27001 and 9001 Certified Media Release

Trendspek gains ISO accreditation for Quality & Information Security

Sydney, Australia, 18th June 2020 - Sydney based Trendspek, is rapidly gaining traction as a global leader in Digital Twins through its interactive asset visualisation software. Trendspek transforms how infrastructure is assessed and managed through the creation of digital replica’s of physical structures, enabling remote access to asset data and significant productivity and cost efficiencies.   …
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Digital Twin software for asset management and inspection

How Digital Twins are saving asset managers millions in operation costs

We have seen the sudden onset of this global pandemic cause significant challenges for organisations who own, manage or finance physical assets. Lockdowns, travel restrictions and a rapidly slowing economy have forced companies to re-think "business as usual". It comes as no surprise that this economic uncertainty has forced organisations to focus on reducing costs. …
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Trendspek Closes Seed Investment Round

Amongst the chaos of COVID-19, Sydney tech start-up Trendspek is providing a vital lifeline to companies that manage critical infrastructure as they are forced to rapidly move their operations online.   Sydney based Trendspek is the global leader in software that transforms drone data into an exact 3D digital twin of infrastructure assets including warehouses, …
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trendspek you can inspect any asset type

ROI on the Digital Asset

Can you get an immediate ROI with Digital Assets and drone data?   This year we have seen a significant focus on "digital assets" or "reality modelling" within asset management. The question is, "if a business neglects or is slow to embrace digital technology, are they losing their competitive advantage to a competitor who has …
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Trendspek inspection and analysis platform works towards ISO 9000 and 27000

Trendspek to become ISO certified in Data Security and Quality Management

Trendspek is excited to announce a new partnership with Best Practice as we become certified in both Data Security and Quality Management under the internationally-recognised ISO framework. Through automation and drone technology, Trendspek transforms how physical assets are managed. Our collaboration with Best Practice will only set to improve upon our already industry-leading services. We believe that …
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view analyse and inspect your asset from anywhere anytime with trendspek

How drone data is shaping the future of asset management

The use of drones has rapidly expanded throughout the asset management industry. However, while this evolving technology may have changed the way we inspect physical assets, has is it changed the way they we manage them? The biggest issue with inspection methods of the past was surrounding the quality and quantity of the data collected. …
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