top 5 steps to secure your drone data in the field

Top 5 Steps To Secure your Drone Data In the Field

1. SD CARD MANAGEMENT Incorporate a thorough and considered system of naming and storing SD cards. SD cards should be password protected where possible to protect data integrity and confidentiality. Data retention schedules and legal requirements may dictate how the data is stored and transferred. You should also consider SD card naming and transportation procedures …
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Webinar: Pro-tips to a better capture

After processing thousands of datasets, the Trendspek team has put together a list of top tips to a better capture.   Join Trendspeks Head of Product Josh Sinclair along with Hoverscape's Cheif Remote Pilot Danny Elassad to talk all things modelling.  They will talk through all the common issues whether its too much data or too …
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Pro tips to a etter drone capture

Capture Guide – Pro-tips to a better capture

Overlap Did you know that too much or too little overlap can cause a model to fail digital reconstruction? Often in the processing phase, we reduce the number of images used, as this can provide optimal 3D models. If your unsure urge slightly on the higher side. (80/80) Recommended Overlap: 75/75 Transition One of the …
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calculate digital twin drone height with Trendspek

Resolution Calculator

Trendspek advises all users that the calculator is provided for information purposes only and any reliance on the information contained in the calculator shall be at the users own risk and not Trendspek’s.
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